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June 12, 2022 0 Comments

Things have been moving slowly in the breakfast room and pantry the last few days, but I am slowly but surely making progress. Yesterday I primed the walls and ceilings, and the room is so bright and beautiful.

But the primed walls and ceilings mean that I am ready to paint. And that’s where I’m stuck, because I’m still working on my decorating plan for the whole house, and it’s coming very slowly. I have a few ideas, so if you don’t mind a completely disorganized, disjointed and gratuitous association type post, I’d like to share some things that have been bouncing around in my head while I was working on my breakfast room/pantry and dreaming of a decorated house.

The whole plan has to start with my kitchen. I already said that I will repaint my kitchen cabinets. Now, before there is any pressure on me to redo a fairly important project like that, let me explain that even if I didn’t change the colors of the cabinets, I would still want to repaint my cabinets. It’s been a little over two years since I finished my kitchen renovation, and since then I’ve learned two things…

(1) the pronounced grain of oak cabinet doors really bothers me. When I did the remodel, my kitchen was considerably darker, but since then I have added a door from the kitchen to the front room, and now I have a breakfast room with beautiful new windows. So, my kitchen, even if it doesn’t have windows, gets a lot of natural light, and that natural light bounces off these cabinets, which makes the wood grain even more pronounced. It’s actually pretty hideous at times, so next time I’ll fill in the grain before painting. And…

(2) I learned the hard way that gold foil doesn’t work well on kitchen cabinets, especially on cabinets near the stove and sink. I put a transparent layer on the gold foil, but it didn’t really help. The gold leaf has completely disappeared from some areas of these cabinets. So next time, I’m just painting.

Here is a close-up photo of the upper cabinet to the left of my stove where you can see both the pronounced wood grain and the worn gold leaf. I also tried other things-liquid gilding, gold paint pen, etc.— and they also wear out on those cabinets around the stove.

So, since I’m going to paint anyway, I’m also going to choose a different green — something a little lighter, like a real kelly green. Here is the green one I have now…

Do you see how much brighter it is? And since there will be fewer of them (I’m only doing the lower cabinets in green this time), I think it will be beautiful but not too overwhelming. The upper cabinets will be white.

And I must admit that I am really undecided about my counters. We have to do something with them because there are some problems to solve (more on that after). I love black, but one thing I’m learning about myself while working on the breakfast room is that I really like the brightness of the room. I really think black countertops would be prettier, and I keep going to that perfect kitchen in my mind…

But I also don’t want to risk doing anything that sucks the light out of these rooms, and once I’ve stained these concrete countertops black, there’s no going back. So, it’s still up in the air.

Anyway, about this pantry. Everything will be white-white cabinets, white walls. Light and bright. And I bought this light from Home Depot for the central main light that will appear through the glass doors.

I’ve been looking at this light for a while now, but I’ve never had the use for it. But now I’m doing it! Personally, I think it’s much prettier in person, and I think the sheen of the glass will be quite stealthy through the glass pantry doors.

And speaking of doors, I decided to make my own. Originally, I thought about buying folding doors and using them as double doors, just like I did for the hallway bathroom. But I really want glass in those pantry doors. I keep coming back to this image in my mind…

I considered cutting out the recessed areas on the folding doors and adding glass. It’s certainly doable, but I hesitate to make improvements like that to hollow core doors. Once you have cut into a hollow core door, there is just a lot of filling to be done around the cutting areas so that the strength of the door is not compromised. Again, it’s doable, but it seems like a real headache to me.

I made them from two of the old solid wood doors that were originally in the house. Well, I happen to have about six more of these solid wood doors, so I’m going to cut some of them down and use them to make my own single pane glass doors for the pantry. They will be just a frame with a solid shutter in the middle. No fretwork on these.

Now, when it comes to my breakfast room walls, I’m still undecided. I considered different colors, but again, I really like the light and brightness of this room with the walls primed in white. I really don’t want to spoil it, but I also feel like I want something more than solid white walls. I’ve been digging through my blog archives to see what ideas I’ve had in the past, and two things stand out to me. First of all, I wish I had saved the birds and butterflies design for the breakfast room. But it’s in my driveway right now.

I hung on to it, wondering if I would ever find the perfect opportunity to use it, and maybe this is it. If I go this route, I would do a tone on tone using matte and glossy paint, a bit like the design on this wall…

But I would probably stick with the Behr white polar bear that I love.

So these are my random free association thoughts on where I’m headed. And other than things like my pantry doors and my pantry light, which are pretty set in stone right now, I still won’t make any other final decorating decisions until I have a clearer vision of the whole house in my head…or preferably, on a design board.

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