Making Your Own Artwork

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I love DIY just about anything I possibly can when it comes to remodeling and decorating my home, and that includes making my own artwork and wall decor. I like to experiment with different media to see what I can create with it.

The last few times I’ve posted pictures that show the sofa wall of our music room, I’ve asked people about the huge flower artwork that hangs over the sofa.

If you haven’t read my blog back when I made that, and you don’t already know what it’s made of, see if you can guess before I share the details after in this post. Do you see that in that picture?

Anyway, I’ve been doing my own art and wall decor since long before the condo days, but I had no place to share my ideas pre-condo days. But since we lived in the apartment, I’ve been blogging about all my DIY adventures, including my attempts to create my own artwork and wall decor. So for those of you who haven’t followed along since those days, here are a few of my favorites that I’ve made over the years.

Hand-Painted Family Name

When we lived in the apartment, I didn’t have much money left over for things like art and extras. I wanted to hang something colorful on the white subway tile wall behind the dining area banquet, so I made a custom name sign that said, “the Linauers, founded 2002.”

These were the days for Cricut and silhouette machines, so I painted the whole thing by hand and used scrap wood to make it. All in all, it probably cost a few bucks, but I was so proud of how it ended. And I think the hand-painted design has more character than anything a Cricut or silhouette could have produced.

You can see the details of this DIY hand-painted family name sign here. Just a warning – my photography was terrible back then, and I used small pictures on my blog back then. But you can still see the process.

Iridescent “Fish Scale” Artwork

This is when I learned that my favorite kind of artwork is the kind that uses a single item used over and over and over again. In this matter, the item was 200+ circles cut from watercolor paper that I had painted in different colors and brushed with iridescent paint. Then I laid them in a ‘fish bowl’ pattern and framed them.

To this day, this kind of artwork — the kind that uses one item over and over again in different arrangements — is my absolute favorite. You’ll see what I’m talking about after in this post.

Water Resistant Artwork From A Free Printable

This is a great DIY art project for anyone who feels like they have no artistic capacity but can use a saw and cut trim.

I made this artwork from a free printable that I attached to a scrap piece of MDF (or plywood), and then framed it by layering on some wood trim. Then I covered the whole thing with water-based polyurethane so that it could stand up to splashes through the sink in the apartment. It’s a little hard to see with the light shining off (this was long before I discovered my favorite overall finishes High-Performance Topcoat in a matte finish), so it says “without the rain there would be no rainbow”.

Chrysanthemum Mirror Made Of Plastic Spoons


This is the project that put my blog on the map. This thing went popular, and one company even copied it and sold it in stores like Horchow. Where happened. And it also reinforced my love for art and decor that are made from an item used over and over and over again. In this matter, the plastic spoons were glued in a chrysanthemum design around a craft shop mirror.

Liquid Acrylic Abstract Tryptic Painting

This was one of my first attempts at making liquid acrylic abstracts, and it ended up being my favorite I’ve ever done. I originally made it for the entrance to our house, but this tryptic now hangs above the piano in our music room.

Liquid acrylic abstracts are fun to make, and they are something that pretty much anyone can do. It’s a cross between artwork and a chemistry project as you watch the paints and additives interact as the colors mix and dry.

It’s kind of an mature version of the plastic spoon chrysanthemum, and again, you can see my love for an item repeated hundreds of times. This is made from about 800 small wood tasting spoons that were arranged and attached to plywood, painted in a colorful gradient, and then each spoon tipped with gold leaf.

This was made from 6400 (Yes, six thousand four hundred) wooden button plugs (the kind you use to cover/fill screw holes in wooden furniture) that were stitched into a large grid, and then each button was painted in such a way that each would be a “pixel” to create a large flower picture.

When they were all painted, I made the frame for them, and buried those 6400 painted wooden knots in a thick layer of resin. In other words, this is not only the largest work of art I have ever created, but it is also the heaviest and most expensive work of art in our house.

And that brings us to my second favorite piece of art I’ve ever created. This was very easy to make, but it’s the cut glass glitter that makes it so special.

It is impossible to capture the beauty of cut glass glitter in a photo, but it is so gorgeous and shiny and shimmering in person. The way it shines in the light is fascinating. Those of you who have worked with cut glass glitter know what I mean, right? It’s so beautiful!

So by no means is this an exhaustive list of the artwork I’ve created for our homes over the years, but these are highlights of my favorites. You can see more of my artwork and wall decor projects here-some I’m proud of and others…good…not really. 😀 But even the not-so-good ones can spark a creative idea in your head for your own home! And yes, you can. Let your imagination run wild, and see what you can come up with.

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