Entrance Decorating Ideas To Check

June 28, 2022 0 Comments

The upholstery around the grasscloth accent panel on the entrance wall still has a coat of paint, but I managed to get all of the upholstery installed, and get my living room repainted yesterday. I am convinced that Benjamin Moore Classic Gray is the perfect barely-there wall color.

My baseboards also need some touchups. I got stains on them when I refinished the floors at the beginning of this year, and I still have to fix them.

As you can see, I decided to stick with three grasscloth panels instead of the fourth. The consensus seemed to be that three looked better and more intentional and that adding a fourth (which would have to be cut lengthwise with half of that Leaf added to each side) would look like I was running out of wallpaper.

I could definitely see that, so I stayed with three. I didn’t think it was that bad. I really just wanted to avoid my usual trap of overanalyzing the options, spending days weighing the pros and cons of each, spending hours on Pinterest and Houzz trying to find the perfect examples of each option, using my photo editor to do mock-ups of each to determine which was better, blah, blah, blah.

I just wanted to do it. So it happened. It is nine meters wide, and gives me a lot of space as a background for what I decide to do on that entrance wall. So now I just have to decide what to put there!

I see something more substantial than an entrance/sofa table. I think I would like more of a buffet, similar in size to the one that used to stand in the entrance and now lives in the breakfast room. The only other furniture that I’m sure will go into this room are my shipment store sofa which I still need to re-upholstered (or have re-upholstered).

I already have the fabric for it (a light and neutral Crypton upholstery fabric very close to the walls), so I just have to decide what to do with the exposed wooden parts. I don’t want to keep the dark wood, but more natural wood is fine. Or I can paint it. And because the fabric is light and neutral, when I paint the wood, I paint it a different color than white (which would mix too much with the fabric) or black (which would be too much of a contrast with the fabric).

And then I have a pair of tufted, fully upholstered chairs that are kind of a transition to wingback chairs. They are difficult to describe, and I cannot find the photo I took of them (I have kept it for about five years now), but they also need to be completely cleaned and re-upholstered.

So for the entrance wall, a buffet in a natural wood appeals to me. I think a natural wood would look great against the teal grasscloth background, and I also like the idea of natural wood balancing the color in the room. But I have no idea what that piece of furniture should actually look like.

My love of modern, clean lines is constantly action with my love of traditional, softer lines and curves, and more often than not, it seems that my love of traditional is winning. But I really like (and prefer) a mix of furniture and styles. I think if everything in a room or house is modern, it can look cold. And if everything in a house is traditional, it can look stuffy and boring. I love the push / pull between the two that creates some unexpected excitement in a design, but I have a hard time actually implementing that.

So with that in mind, I looked at a few different options. I really like the modern lines, natural wood color and black accents on this dresser…

And I have also saved this photo in my “home inspiration” file for a long time. Of course, this is a bathroom vanity, but I think the overall design concept would work well on a buffet.

One last natural wood option that I really liked is this natural wood with painted design. This looks like cerused oak to me…

And then a completely different look that I absolutely love is a reverend style table (either painted or covered in some great textured leather, whether real or dummy, with nailhead trim) with upholstered ottomans underneath that can be pulled out for extra seating when needed.

That type of console table on its own really doesn’t have the visual weight I envision for my entrance wall, but if it’s used with two upholstered ottomans underneath, I think it’s fantastic. Of course, what I love about that option is that it gives me another chance to dust the room on the Ottomans. And you know how much I love dust!

So at this point, I don’t know exactly where I will land on this decision. It will all depend on what I can find, what fits my budget, whether I feel like making something or finding something ready-made, and probably my mood at some point during the decision-making process.

But in the meantime, I can at least get started on the sofa upholstery and also on getting my curtains finished since those items are definitely going into the room. I still have to decide on fabric for the two upholstered chairs, but that can be easier when the sofa and curtains are ready.

My birthday is in a week, and Matt asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted the sofa upholstered, but now I doubt it. It would cost right on for labor and for them to make a new single, long seat cushion to replace the three individual cushions on the sofa now. I’m okay with the price, especially since I know firsthand the work that goes into the upholstery of a sofa. What I don’t like is waiting. I think it would take about two months for them to get it done, and that seems like such a long time to me! So I’m trying to decide if I just want to move on and deal with it myself (with my mom’s help, of course! 😀 ) or if I can be patient and wait. I certainly have plenty of other projects that can keep me busy in the meantime, but…two months. That means I wouldn’t see that bank finished until the end of August. I don’t know what to do.

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