Decorating Your Breakfast Room

June 20, 2022 0 Comments

Remember when I said a few posts ago that I would finish all my construction projects, including my hallway, before I really started decorating? I changed my mind. As soon as I finish my kitchen projects and pantry doors this month (you can see my goals for this month here), I will decorate and finish the breakfast room.

I’m so looking forward to having a room ready and stopping by while my breakfast room looks like this… much more than I can bear. This is so close to a finished piece!! In addition, he needs color! I mean, my chairs are colored. It’s a good start, but it takes so many more colors, textures, fabrics and decorative accents to complete.

First I have to bring my mat here. I bought this rug from Overstock for the bedroom…

When I bought it, I knew it would be a tight fit in the room, but I decided to use it anyway. Now I’ve decided it’s too big and I want more of my hardwood floors to be visible, so I want to take the carpet to a place that can cut it and tie the edges for me.

Included in my goals for this month is to paint off all of my kitchen cabinets, which includes the back (i.e. the breakfast room side) of the peninsula. And yes, it will be teals.

I will not paint the back of the peninsula any other color than the front (no white!). That alone will be a huge change. This unfinished Oak looks so boring in the photos, but it will not last long.

I always have in the heart of the white curtains on the Windows-only one panel on each side. A creamy white linen. There is just something so beautiful and fresh about the white curtains.

But I could always find a way to add color to them with trim, edge banding or other accents.

On the wall to the left of the windows, I want to use the dresser that was at the entrance.

And yes, he’s getting another makeover. This dresser has been Coral, and now it is black. But it must be green. The reason I wanted a stained wood dining table in my breakfast room instead of a painted one is so I have a green buffet. Remember that dresser I painted three years ago?

I still don’t know what I want to do on the walls on either side of the pantry doors, but yesterday I saw an image on Instagram that put me in my tracks. You all know how much I love trees and birds, don’t you? Take a look at these hand-painted wallpaper panels. The left is so beautiful.!

I love her so much. I can imagine two of these panels framed and hung on either side of the pantry doors.

But … those panels cost about each. In addition, the present panel has a precious little lace basket hanging from the tree. I’m not doing anything. Or side. But I would like to find something similar to add a bold touch of color and pattern to these walls. That would work, too. I’ve looked at this Anthropology wallpaper a thousand times, but even though I like it, it just doesn’t add up. Not enough blue and green, and too much orange, yellow and pink.

And I really prefer trees and birds to flowers.

Anyway, I want to keep my eyes open for something like that in the right colors and with the right elements (that is, trees, birds, flowers and nothing precious or lace).

So for those wondering where the color is, don’t worry. It’s coming. And I’m so looking forward to getting the decor of this room!!

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