Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

July 6, 2022 0 Comments

I love Instagram. I don’t post on my own account as often as I should, but I like to look at what others have posted. I take at least ten minutes a day and scroll through Instagram, and I do it for one purpose: to find colorful pieces or things that feed my love of color. They are harder to find than you might imagine, so when I come across such a message, I click on this little flag to add it to my “saved” messages.

The problem is that I use Instagram a bit like I used Pinterest. I save a ton of stuff, but I never go back and look at what I’ve saved (which is why I stopped using Pinterest). In fact, for a long time I saved stuff on Instagram without even knowing how to access the posts I had saved. I finally figured it out, but I always forget to go back and look at them.

Oh my God, all this color, this pattern, this texture and this happiness!! And I just kept scrolling…

I don’t understand why my mind is wired this way, but it’s like I can’t get enough of it. I never have enough colors or patterns. I want all the colors in my house. I want all the textures and all the patterns (but especially flowers, plants and birds with a lot of geometric patterns mixed in).

And as I was going through all these images, it dawned on me. Do you know what my biggest decorating mistake is?

It’s not really something that came to mind last night. This thought hit me like a ton of bricks the other day when I posted about my orange lamp makeover, and I rummaged through old photos to find a picture of the lamp in its original condition. The photo I found showed the lamp in the first living room makeover I did in this house, and it made me sad. This room looked so depressing to me. I almost hate posting it here and ruining all this colorful happiness going on in this post, so you can click here to see it.

I said the other day that the first makeover of the living room was like I was decorating this room for someone else. And in a way, I was. I was decorating for what I thought was “mature, grown-up Kristi,” whoever that was.

I just remember having so much fun with the colors, patterns and textures in the condo, but when we bought the house, I thought it was time to leave this “childish” thing behind and create an “mature” space for us in the new house.

It took me a while to turn the pendulum the other way and embrace the fact that I love color, and a lot of them. And as I get older, I don’t see any signs of this discoloration. In fact, my love of color and my need for color seem to be getting stronger every day.

And that brings me to my #1 favorite room on Instagram right now. Ready? Here it is…

Yes, I’m definitely playing it too safe. I can’t stop looking at this picture.

So why am I so attracted to rooms like this, and yet I live in a house with neutral walls in every room I’ve worked on so far?

I don’t know, honestly. But I want to learn to follow my heart and my vision more. I want to learn to be bold and stop being so easily influenced by other people’s opinions. I need to learn that when someone says: “Oh, I think you should have painted this white instead of a color” or “I think you need more neutral and less color”, then this person clearly does not know me, and his opinion probably should not be weighted in the same way as my own opinion. I need to learn to get out of my way and stop doubting myself.

I really have no idea where I’m going with this. These are just the thoughts of a woman who loves color and can’t seem to get out of her way. I want to stop playing it safe, and I want to learn how to free my creative mind and let my love of color really guide my decorating decisions.

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