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Today I want to see if we can help Julie with her bedroom. She has a colorful pillow that she would like to use as a starting point for decorating the room, but she has a hard time doing it with the carpet she has chosen. Here’s what she wrote:

Julie’s question:

My problem is finding possible pillows/window treatments/artwork to match the carpet in the master bedroom. You will see that the furniture is dark and quite ornate and I chose a dark and light blue carpet.

First of all, a little orientation: when you enter the bedroom, the office space is on the right, separated by a half (?) wall, ending with French doors leading to the screened pool; the bathroom/shower/closet is on the left. There is no door to the actual bathroom, only a closet door and one to the actual toilet room.

This is the bottleneck….pay attention to the flower pillow on the bed….(this is in the form of the state of Missouri, where my husband is from). It was a gift-I love the colors and I want to use these colors as a starting point to decorate the room. MAIS….la Navy in the pillow is much darker as well….crisper (?) then the blue in the carpet. The bruises on the carpet look “dusty” compared to the pillow.

I bought the larger square bed pillows to go with the floral pillow, but I need to somehow fill the Blue gap between the bed pillows and the carpet. Can we do it?

As for the rest of the room, I plan to put something on the window to the left of the bed. This is the only window in the room, if you do not count the adjacent bathroom (glass block) and the office (French doors). I thought of a faux Roman shade valance on its own (which I did in the family room), but I have a feeling you will recommend curtains, for which I am open. There also seems to be room on either side of the headboard for narrowly framed artwork.

Yes, the duvet is bright white-maybe it’s too bright? I love the sharp contrast of the White with the dark furniture. The walls are off-white or cream (they were like that when we moved, a little over a year ago), but there are other white elements in the room (bathroom cabinets, skirting boards, clock above the entrance to the office). For what it’s worth, the sheets blend beautifully with the lighter blue of the carpet, but you won’t see the sheets when the bed is made. I really like the look when I can see the sheets (unmade and messy bed LOL) against the white duvet and dark wood. I didn’t have a picture of it, but I’m taking one now and adding it to the second email. So now you have 15 Emoji pictures.

Julie’s current room:

The furniture is made of dark stained wood in a very traditional style. The floral pillow on the bed is the one she would like to use as a starting point for the colors of the room.

To the left of the bed is the only window in the room.

Connected to the bedroom is a smaller space that serves as an office, and this room has French doors.

And then in front of the French doors is the bathroom…

My Suggestions:

A few things stand out to me in this room.

1. Placement of the bed

First, I wonder if the bed is hanging on the wrong wall. It seems strange to put a bed on a wall with a window on the side. This is a strange arrangement that will always seem unbalanced to you, especially if you have curtains on this window.

If this was my room, I would put the bed on the wall where the dresser is currently located.

Although I do not have sizes, it seems that there would still be enough space for the bed and two side tables on this wall. And since no window needs window treatment of any kind on this wall, the whole look can be more balanced.

With this layout, the single offset window is not a problem.

You can create a reading area around this window. Hang curtains, bring a comfortable chair, a floor lamp, a small cocktail table just big enough to hold your book and your cup of coffee.

2. The set of matching furniture.

Your furniture is beautiful, but it is very dark and heavy. I wonder if you might be willing to trade one or two pieces for something else to create a more collected look rather than an all-matching look. This will give you the opportunity to bring other colors and textures, and lighten the appearance of the remaining dark furniture.

If this was my room and I tried to break the look of the furniture, I would do it in two ways. Or (1) I would keep the headboard and replace the existing bedside tables, or (2) I would keep the existing bedside tables and replace the headboard with a large upholstered headboard lined with diamonds. And then the room or rooms that you decide not to use here can still be used in a guest room. But just because you have them all doesn’t mean they should all be used in the same room.

Again, the goal is just to break the look of the five matching pieces of furniture and bring additional colors and textures.

3. The carpet and accessories.

When it comes to accessories in a way that bridges the gap between the current carpet and the other colors of the pillow that you want to use as a starting point, you asked: “Can this be done?”To be honest, I don’t think that’s possible. You specifically mentioned that you like the colors of this pillow and wanted to use them as a starting point, so I think you should stick with that. These are very strong and bold colors, and trying to combine this dusty blue carpet with these bold colors, especially on something as central as a large area carpet, would seem involuntary and forced.

I think if you like the colors of the flowers kisses and want to use them as a starting point, you’d be much better off staying with that. You can also move the carpet to a guest room (it’s a very nice carpet, and would actually be a good starting point for a guest room), and then put things in that room that you don’t have to action with or force them to work with when they don’t want to play well with the colors you want to use.

Your current white bedding is perfect, and I agree with you that the strong contrast is good with the dark headboard. So maybe add some shams in a white and navy blue. This bedding is from Crane & Canopy.

Then I would anchor the bed with a large navy blue and white (cream) rug, like this navy blue spinning stone rug from Serena & Lily. You can then remove a color from the pillow and select curtains of that color for a bedroom window, as well as French doors in the office. I chose the terracotta color and found these cotton velvet Terracotta curtains from West Elm. To lighten the look of the other dark wood furniture in the room, I would add light wood bedside tables that also bring a natural texture, like these Sausalito bedside tables from Pottery Barn. And to put it all together, I found these coordinated works of art-Coral Sky 1 and Coral Sky 2 in coral, navy and gray by the artist Jennifer Goldberger-that could hang over the bedside tables. And finally, you can bring that terracotta color to the bed with cute pillows, like this one from Target.

So if this was my room, I’d handle it like this. I think that the dusty blue carpet that you have at the moment prevents you from imagining how the room can be decorated with the colors of this pillow as a starting point. Once you allow yourself to move this rug to another area of the house and bring a rug more in line with the color scheme that you have stated that you want to use, I think it will leave you free to decorate the room in the colors you want, and just using this pillow to guide you on the colors will make the process much easier.

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