Breakfast Room Painted And Trimmed Out

June 16, 2022 0 Comments

The difficult part of the renovation of the breakfast room has been done. Done! My God, that word sounds like music to my ears. This is what this morning’s room looks like through the pantry door looking at the front windows…

On the filling, I used my favorite filling color, the Behr polar bear. The walls are classic Benjamin Moore gray, which I think is the perfect neutral for me. It is very light and has just enough color to contrast with the white trim.

There are still a few finishing touches that I overlooked, such as adding electrical outlets and switchboards, replacing burned-out light bulbs, installing the ventilation cover on the HVAC duct, etc. And I don’t intend to paint the back of the peninsula before painting the kitchen cabinets. My only goal this month was to trim everything and get it ready for painting, but everything else…done!

If you don’t know where this piece started, it probably sounds pretty boring. It’s just an empty room with painted walls and trim. To fully appreciate it, we need to go back a little and remember how this piece began and what it took to get to where it is today.

Green carpet, old windows that were incredibly difficult to open, and a dark colored plywood ceiling set at 2 x 4 that had fallen about 7 inches below the ceiling beams. And he also felt very closed from the kitchen, even though there were two doors leading from this room to the kitchen.

All the walls were covered with 1/4″ plywood, which was incredibly difficult to remove. It broke into small pieces and thin layers when I tried to remove it. But I finally removed and found walls covered with protective panels, some of which were original to the house (i.e. the green sea foam on the left, which was originally the outside of the garage). I also removed the carpet to find an un-leveled, cracked concrete floor covered with 9″ x 9″ asbestos tiles in two colors to form a huge high key pattern in the floor.

And then I had to break all the plywood and armor. Somewhere along the way, we had our attic insulated with spray foam insulation, which I love!

In addition to the new concrete layer, my brother helped me lay the plywood subfloor.

He also helped me completely rebuild the front wall of the room. The original wall was sorely lacking support, so I fixed the beams to the ceiling and we demolished the entire wall.

After that, we redecorated it and installed new windows.

And I also installed all the new 3/4″ red oak hardwood floors to fit the rest of the house.

I paid my boys to plaster the room for me.

They also installed the cornice for me, but I cut everything else myself, and also stained and polyurethane the floor.

The back of the room is now also very different. Where it was previously only a large open room, the back of the room is now enclosed to create a large Italian-style kitchen.

This is what the back of the room looked like when we bought the house…

Same green carpet, same 1/4″ plywood covering the walls and ceiling. And this is what it looked like after removing the carpet and most of the plywood from the walls…

My brother and I also had to remove the back wall and frame it from scratch. I decided to remove the two large windows and add a small window in the middle of the wall.

It finally began to look like a real pantry when the drywall came up and the left rear door leading to the veranda was closed.

And today it is completely cut out and painted with beautiful stained and polyurethane floors. This door to the laundry room will eventually have double glazed doors, but that’s a project for another month.

… which looks like this today…

The garage door looked so awkward in the middle of that long sprawling wall.…

It is now in the same place, but with the addition of the pantry wall, the door is now in the corner of the breakfast room. I had a new nine-light door installed and I painted it Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal…

And finally, the front right corner of the breakfast room had two doors leading to the kitchen with a wall between them.

And today this wall has disappeared and has been replaced by a peninsula (with a cute sleeping cat on top). And with the additional opening from the kitchen to the living room, I can now look through my front door. This house feels so much more open and airy than it was in its original state when we bought it.

This is the progress made so far. Reaching this milestone, with the floors finished, the cladding all installed and painted, and the walls painted, seems monumental to me. When we bought the house, this breakfast room was the room I was most afraid of. It seemed overwhelming, with the level concrete floor, the ceiling and framing issues, etc. And now that it’s all done, it’s such a big relief. I really think that this room, if it is all decorated, will probably become my favorite room in the house.

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